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Coast to Coast Healthy Living Events

The Knoxville Fitness Challenge

The Knoxville Fitness Challenge ran four years in a row. It included internationally known healthy living presenters, trade show, great media coverage, great sponsors and is easily duplicated for any city.

The San Diego Fitness Challenge

The San Diego Fitness Challenge was only held one year (2012). It was held at The Jackie Robinson YMCA and included powerful, life changing presenters.

Multiple Other Healthy Living Events

From New Jersey to San Diego CA, Geoff Hampton has designed and implemented a wide ranging healthy living venue of campaigns and events.

Corporate Healthy Living Events

Several of the healthy living events Hampton designed and implemented targeted Corporate wellness specifically. Let him custom design one for your business or corporation!

Healthy Living Events For Your City

Any city, from coast to coast and all over the the United States, if there is a willing group that wishes to have a custom designed healthy living campaign or event for their community, contact Geoff Hampton to discuss the feasibility!

19 Years of Research & Development

For 19 years, Geoff Hampton has been designing and implementing powerful healthy living programs and events designed to create healthier communities. Let him help you power up healthy living awareness and importance for your community!

Who We Are

About Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton is a 35+ year leader in the international health and fitness business. He added Medical Fitness leadership to his impressive resume back in 2003. He has been a highly rated presenter (including Key-Note) since 1983. He has presented in The United States, Canada and Europe.  He has consulted successfully with many large clubs all over America. His specialty is strong membership sales development and powerful team building.

On-Site Staff Team Development Programs

With years of success and experience, we are capable of analyzing your staff teams performance capabilities and developing a customized program to help them attain and sustain maximum performance! Book your on-site program today and create your best year ever in 2018 

Your Success is Our Goal

We understand that adapting new business concepts and procedures can sometimes be difficult. However, our specialty is educating, then motivating and finally leading staff team to previously unimagined levels of success! The choice is simple, keep doing what you've been doing and keep getting the results you've been getting, or learn things you never knew before and accomplish goals you never imagined before! MAKE THE CALL!



Educational, motivational and inspiring one-day, on-site BOOT CAMP designed to power up your membership sales without any old school "high pressure" or out of date techniques. Features converting incoming membership phone inquiries to appointments, appointment to show techniques, 1st time closing customer friendly techniques, point of sale referral techniques and converting point of sale referrals to memberships. Call today to schedule this dynamic program! 

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Geoff Hampton has specialized in buidling high powered team performance since the 1980's. Engage this dynamic BOOT CAMP to learn the true team potential that your business already has, but is not fully utilizing. One day,  on-site program. Call today to schedule this powerful program!

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