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International Health Club Business Development & Consulting

International health, fitness, & medical fitness business deveLOPMENT


Available for outstanding conference presentations including Keynote. Dynamic business success options including on-site S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis that can be converted to a business growth plan, on-site staff training programs and teleconference staff training programs.



“Geoff is a very knowledgeable professional with over 35 years of experience in fitness and wellness. Having seen him present in a variety of formats and having engaged with him in a number of conversations about the industry and key trends, I know Geoff to be an expert and capable adviser and consultant.” Executive • Board Member • Advisor • Keynote Speaker • Investor • Author


"At FirstHealth, we include our key management and sales staff in Geoff's seminars. His information is real world in that the staff leaves with ideas and systems to actually implement. Geoff's varied experience in the fitness industry makes him a great resource for medical fitness centers, where much of our expertise lies in clinical skills and programming rather than in sales, marketing and retention efforts. I recommend Geoff as one of the few in our industry who has a firm grasp on these aspects of successfully operating a medical fitness center" John Caliri, Director - FirstHealth Centers for Health & Fitness


"I have known and worked with Geoff Hampton since 1987. He is a truly outstanding sales consultant. He understands the psychology of fitness club membership sales better than anyone I know. He gave us our motto ‘pull, don’t push’ which sets us apart from high pressure sales tactics. He is very motivational and inspirational. I highly recommend his services for any size fitness club.” John F. Brinson, CEO - Lehigh Valley Racquet & Fitness Clubs


“Often it is hard for staff to see potential beyond what they are used to or have experienced in the past. If you want to motivate and get the most out of your staff, Geoff Hampton serves as a great catalyst to elicit creative thinking mixed with proven world class business strategies to connect fitness sales to the individual’s emotional needs. His seminars encourage staff to connect their passion and creativity to retool and reinvent their environment to effectively grow your organization. If you are looking to have the Best Year Ever, then this seminar opportunity is a great platform to get your staff aligned to optimize their strengths”. Art Slowinski - Former Executive Director of Galter LifeCenter


“Geoff. Thank you so much for inviting me to your seminar on sales training. From the moment I walked into your workshop, I knew that I had much to learn. Your vast experience in supporting health clubs to increase their sales is evident and your knowledge is so helpful for independent club owners like myself. I especially appreciated your deep commitment to improving the long-term health of our members and clients. Our job as health club owners is to attract people in our community to visit our clubs and then to offer them superior programs that will meet their needs and support them in developing life-long habits that bring optimum health. We look forward to working with you in the future to help us transform the culture of our staff so that everyone is committed to reaching out to our community and selling memberships and health programs.” Laury Hammel - The Longfellow Clubs, Wayland and Natick, MA


"Geoff is an industry veteran but that does not even begin to define him. He has been a voice of reason in our business for several decades and his information and his approach are direct, logical and useful. Geoff has a great business mind and it is our luck that he uses it in our industry. " Brenda Abdilla, President - Management Momentum

Dynamic On-site staff training programs


On Site Staff Training At Culpeper Wellness

Culpeper Wellness was selected as the MFA (Medical Fitness Association) Certified Facility of the year. Here is a picture of Geoff Hampton with their leadership team after an all day Membership Sales BOOT CAMP. One of Hampton's specialties.


"Results Assured" Program At Baptist Healthplex

Our unique program, "Results Assured" is a program like no other in the industry today. Here is Geoff Hampton with Director David Carpenter at The Baptist Healthplex Clubs in Clinton MS and Jackson MS. How successful was the program? Successful enough to be invited to present about it at a Medical Fitness Conference. 


Three Day Staff Training Workshop At Galter LIFE Center In Chicago

Another one of Hampton's dynamic on-site staff training programs is a three day comprehensive business performance enhancement platform. This was taken at Chicago's premier Medical Fitness Center, The Galter LIFE Center.

Also: Director of Business Development FOR BULLMAN'S KICKBOXING & KRAV MAGA FITNESS

Director of Business Development


This is a project with a Boutique Fitness Center located in Knoxville, TN


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