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A unique, bifurcated approach to  fitness. Educating fitness pros about not yet fit populations & not yet fit about fitness!

What We Do

Educate, motivate and lead your staff team to success!

With more than 35 years in the fitness business, we will guide your business to maximum success!

On-site staff training programs

One of our popular business options is on-site staff training programs. Educational, motivational and successful! NOT THEORY... Proven systems and procedures!

Our unique "Results Assured" program

Our unique, "Results Assured" program is designed to help your business attain goals that exceed any recent years performance! The program is designed to run for six months. We mutually agree to goals that are exceptional. Your business pays only 50% of the fee and 50% of the travel related expenses during the program. The balance is paid at the end of the agreement ONLY if the goals have been reached. PERFORMANCE BASED WIN WIN PROGRAM!

About Our Founder Geoff Hampton

Highly Rated International Presenter

Geoff Hampton has been presenting highly rated programs around the world since 1983. He has presented for most of the top health, fitness and medical fitness organizations multiple times including highly rated Keynote presentations.

Published Author

Geoff has more than 200 articles and columns on health, fitness and medical fitness business success published in most of the current as well as past highly rated magazines and websites.

Hampton has been creating and implementing healthy living programs since 1997.

Healthy Living Program Creator

Hampton has created and implemented highly successful healthy living programs since 1997 including The Knoxville Fitness Challenge, The San Diego Fitness Challenge and others!

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