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Dynamic Healthy Living Events

The San Diego Fitness Challenge


Between 2003 and 2012 Geoff Hampton created and implemented multiple healthy living programs in San Diego CA.

The Knoxville Fitness Challenge


Geoff Hampton created The Knoxville Fitness Challenge in Knoxville TN which was an annual event and ran for four consecutive years. This dynamic program included incredible presenters, trade shows for the events and strong sponsorship, strategic partner relationships and advertisers.

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Previous Event Pictures


2nd Annual Knoxville Fitness Challenge

Media Strategic Partner WVLT TV created on air ad spots. This one included some of our Strategic Sponsors.


Incredible Media Coverage

Media coverage for all four Knoxville TN Knoxville Fitness Challenge Events was wonderful!


Trade Show Participants and Political Involvement

Trade Show participation and political support was truly fantastic for the Knoxville TN events. Here a trade show participant, Advocare poses with Knox County Mayor Time Burchett who gave opening remarks at three of the Knoxville programs.

A Few Of Our Events

Powerful Events


Governor of Tennessee Support


U.S. Congressman Support


Coast To Coast Healthy Living Events

Anti Obesity Campaigns

We were creating and implementing anti obesity campaigns back in 1999. Research and see how many others were at that time! We continue to enhance our programming in order to better serve those in need of healthy lifestyle change. Let us help your community!

General Healthy Living Events

Targeting sedentary individuals or those who may have tried lifestyle change before but failed!

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